Extreme Outdoors

Extreme Outdoors is a company that is focused on designing and developing products that take your hunt to the next level.  We invite you to browse our website and check out the innovative products that will allow us to "re-engineer your hunt!"

Take your hunt to the next level with products from EXTREME OUTDOORS. We have just raised the bar on box-calls with our hot new box-call, the IPS-Interchangeable Paddle System. The IPS has a patent pending quick-detachable paddle system that has been exclusively designed by the engineers at Extreme Outdoors to make the paddles quickly interchangeable to increase your flexibility in the field.  The Quick-detachable Paddles allows the hunter to change up their tone and pitch by simply popping one paddle off and popping another paddle on. The IPS currently has 6 different paddles available, made from different wood and paddle profile, to increase your range of call tones and pitch from the same box-call. Check it out today!


The Tri-fold holster was designed exclusively to work in conjunction with the IPS box-call system.  It holds up to three paddles and allows you to store them in your hunting vest while utilizing minimal space.  It rolls up to a mere one-inch thick while holding the paddles.  Also, check out the new line of "Stick Your Neck Out"TM Shirts, See them in the Apparel Section

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